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Today,I started to code a page that prompt the user to choose their PC spec,and the code is as follow

<title>Computer Specification Chooser</title>


<script type="text/javascript">

var compSpec = document.compChooser;

function processorUnavailable_onclick()
 alert("Sorry that processor speed is currently unavailable");
 compSpec.processor[2].checked = true;





<form name="compChooser">

<p>Tick all components you wan included on your computer</p>


<input type="checkbox" name="chkDVD" value="DVD-ROM" />
<br />

<input type="checkbox" name="chkCD" value="CD-ROM" />
<br />

Zip Drive
<input type="checkbox" name="chkZIP" value="ZIP DRIVE" />

Select the processor speed you require
<br />

<input type="radio" name="processor" value="3.8" />
3.8 GHZ

<input type="radio" name="processor" value="4.8" onclick="processorUnavailable_onclick()" />
4.8 GHZ

<input type="radio" name="processor" value="6" />

<input type="button" name="btnCheck" value="Check Form" />



The problem I'm facing is on the function that I've tie to the event handler,when I try to choose the radio button of the processor value 4.8 GHZ,yes it alert me with the message inside the function,but after that,it doest not execute the next statement inside the function,that is to check the next processor value 6 GHZ.

I've try my effort to change it and test on it,and find out when I set the var compSpec = document.compChooser as a local variable inside the function instead of a global variable,the next statement could be executed.

But I thought for a global variable,it is accessible in everywhere on the page and also inside a function.But why now I can't accesses it inside my function??Any idea??

Besides,I stumble upon a weird article while googling,it says that when a global variable is created,it is added to window object.I just curious why this happen??And what's the benefits and uses of it??


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In javascript, a global variable is a property of the global object. When running inside a browser, the global object is the window object. So if you don't use the var keyword, you are not actually declaring a variable, instead you are setting a property of the window object. It's useful because the window object is accessible from everywhere, and so is your global variable.

If you declare compSpec as a variable (var) inside your processorUnavailable_onclick function, its scope will be limited to that function (and closures created inside it). If you set compSpec as a global variable (ie a property of window), then it will be available from everywhere:

function body_onload()
 window.compSpec = document.compChooser;

function processorUnavailable_onclick()
 alert("Sorry that processor speed is currently unavailable");
 window.compSpec.processor[2].checked = true;

...<body onload="body_onload()">...
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Your problem is this line: compSpec = document.compChooser

When this code runs, the form is not yet part of the DOM so compSpec is undefined. Place your code at the end of the document or run it in an onload handler and it will work.

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Finally I know the problem is on parsing down,but another problem is??Why when I call a function before it is created,it is still possible to be executed?? – caramel1995 Jun 15 '10 at 9:16
That is a good question, there are some good answers here:… – meouw Jun 15 '10 at 11:45

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