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I've found that under some circumstances the Eclipse python debugger can be unreliable. For example, when stepping through a memory-hungry Python program I've found that after a certain point the debugger fails to respond. The entire process hangs with 100% cpu load.

I've heard (unconfirmed) reports from developers that when this occurs it might actually not be a hang but very slow, for example a step which usually takes a micro-second might be taking five minutes.

I've observed this with both the regular eclipse debugger (e.g. when you do debug as->python run) and the pydev network debugger. The point at which things stop working seems quite arbitrary but re-producable. I'm debugging purely numerical functions so there's no obvious socket or tcp activity which could disrupt a network debugger. Nevertheless, the point at which the failure occurs seems to be quite consistent for a given workstation & task.

I get almost exactly the same effect whether I debug using debug as->python run as I might if I use the pydev's network debugger ('import pydevd;pydevd.settrace()') - where one fails the other is also likely to fail.

If I were to run the script normally (no debugger) it executes without any hangs. Furthermore, if I replace the eclipse debugger with the old-skool inline break-point ('import pdb;pdb.set_trace()') everything works just fine. Pdb almost never goes wrong, however there are times I simply cannot use it, for example when I am debugging a python function invoked from Excel - as there is no console present.

I've noticed that this failure never seems to occur with trivial programs, hence I've tentatively concluded that the fault may be memory related.

So - is anybody aware of what might be causing this unreliability. Are there any tweaks I can make to the debugger or environment that might make the debugger work more reliably?

FYI, running Python 2.4.4 on Windows XP 32bit with the latest Eclipse & Pydev. Psyco (JIT Compiler) is not available.

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If Eclipse doesn't work, why bother with it? I don't understand the question. Why not switch to NetBeans or Komodo? – S.Lott Jun 15 '10 at 10:12
Eclipse Pydev is free and works except for in the circumstances described above. We have a team of 20 devs of mixed ability who all know how to use Eclipse / PyDev. This is in a very big organization where desktops are not necessarily controlled by their users. Getting some other package, figuring out how to do everything, documenting, re-training... all these tasks distract us from the work we are paid to do. It would be far better if we could just fix the problem! – Salim Fadhley Jun 15 '10 at 13:58
Does this still happen for you with the latest pydev? If so, can you post a small piece of example code that triggers the problem? – tangentstorm Feb 25 '11 at 1:28
@S.Lott Komodo is pretty sucky too in my experience. The best experience I've had with Python debuggers is the Visual Studio one. – David Heffernan Apr 12 '11 at 15:04

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There are known issues with Python 2.4 (so, if possible, get a newer version), still, if you're unable to get a newer version, at least use threadframe extension ( If None of that's possible, it's really expected that the debugger doesn't work as well as it could (as the debugger needs features that are not available in that version).

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Not sure if its related, but I had a scenario where too many debug messages will cause my PC to become very slow. You can try go to Window -> Preferences -> Run/Debug -> Console... tick Limit console output, and reduce Console buffer size (mine is set to 40000).

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I had this same issue when I had larg-ish dictionaries. Try turning off the 'Variables' window in Eclipse. That made a huge difference for me.

See here: Why is debugging in eclipse/pydev so slow for my python program?

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