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I created one blackberry application, and i tested in blackberry simulator, now i need test in blackberry mobile phone , can u please tell me the process for creating setup file and how to install in the black berry phone...

Thanking you

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The easiest way in my opinion is : - Copy all jad, jar, cod file to a temporary folder - rename cod file to zip file - extract the content of the zip file to the temporary folder - copy the temporary folder to the blackberry SD card - in the BB go to home menu -> media -> explore - browse to where you copy the temporary folder - run the JAD file

No Upload/download required.

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javaloader -usb load on your console :-)

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This is the easiest, most scriptable way to do this –  seand Nov 11 '10 at 5:12

Two simple ways are:

First... Generate ALX file and install that using Blackberry Desktop Manager. Second... Publish both .JAD and .COD and make a link to de first. Download and install it over the air with Blackberry Browser...

Of course, thats after signed the COD with RIM Signed Keys.

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