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In Rails 2 we can add custom new actions to resourceful routes, like:

map.resources :users, :new => {:apply => :get}

How do we achieve the same thing in Rails 3?

resources :users do

  get :apply, :on => :new    # does not work

  new do
    get :apply               # also does not work


Any ideas?

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You can use :path_names as explained in the edge routing guide:

resources :users, :path_names => { :new => "apply" }

That will only change the path to apply, it will still be routed to the new action. I don't think changing that is explicitly supported anymore (which is probably a good thing).

If you want to keep your apply action, you should probably do:

resources :users, :except => :new do
  collection do
    get :apply

But it leaves you wondering whether it isn't better to just rename the apply action to new.

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Try this:

resources :users, :path_names => { :new => 'apply' }

Note that if you want to re-map the new route to apply for all your routes then you can use a scope:

scope :path_names => { :new => 'apply' } do
  # The rest of your routes go here...
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