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I installed JBoss AS on xx.xx.12.48. I launched ./bin/run.sh -b xx.xx.12.48. The JMX web console indicates everything is OK.

On xx.xx.12.49, I installed Hyperic (latest). I installed Hyperic agent on xx.xx.12.48 I can see both Hyperic agents, on both servers. But ther's nothing about my JBoss AS server !!!

Why can't Hyperic Auto-Discover finds my JBoss server ? Is there a simple way to configure ? Thanks

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To force Hyperic HQ Agent to detect JBoss, you have to edit conf/agent.properties


Then, log into your Hyperic HQ Server and manually add the jboss server under inventory. alt text

Give it few minutes, the local agent will pick up the instruction and look for the jboss server.

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because you install the new server,but agent did not know,so the hqserver do not know neither. You need to configure the agent.properties in the agent installed machine.Refer official document: http://support.hyperic.com/display/EVO/Configure+Agent+-+Server+Communication+Interactively

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