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I'm rather new to ClearCase but have searched through a lot of solutions to the following problem without success. When I try to do a check-in I get the following error.

Error checking in 'MY FILE'
No premission to perform operation "checkin"
Must be one of: object creator, element owner, VOB owner, member of ClearCase grop
Unable to checking "MY FILE"

I've verified that I am in fact in the ClearCase group and have checked the registry entries that are required for it to work correctly. If I wasn't able to check-out then I would suspect my groups were messed up, but this isn't the case.

Thanks in advanced.

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The three criteria to check when confronted with a ClearCase permission issue are:

1/ the "credmap" (credential mapping)

type "credmap VOB_Server_Hostname" and check what is currently your primary group (see also the value of CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP environment variable)

2/ the view protection rights

type "cleartool lsview -l -full -pro -cview" anywhere within your view, and see if the primary group is correct

3/ the primary and secondary groups of the vob

type "cleartool descr -l vob:\yourVob", with "yourVob" the Vob (Version Object Database or "repository") supposed to contain "yourFile".

The last point is important because if your primary group is not one of the groups associated with "yourVob", then you won't have the right to make a checkin.

Check also the protection rights of the parent directory (see in particular if the execution bit is set).

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I figured it out. It was because there was another person with the same exact account name. Quite the permissions issue indeed. – crv Jun 15 '10 at 15:26
@GrandPrix: good catch. I rarely see that issue in my LDAP Active Directory environment ;) – VonC Jun 15 '10 at 15:29

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