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Does anyone know of any interface to administer beanstalkd? What I'm looking for vaguely is something like PhpMyAdmin for MySQL.

Doesn't have to be PHP or web-based, could be any interface, GUI ..etc

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Just have found another one https://github.com/ptrofimov/beanstalk_console

Seems to be more functional and a little prettier.

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Simple, clean consol. –  Ray Sep 26 '12 at 15:34

Ahmad Amireh made http://github.com/amireh/Beanstalker but it requires some non-master code (it's waiting to become mainstream).

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I've just set this up and while it works ok I have to say that for what it does, django and python represents a huge amount of hassle to get it working. I'm very tempted to write something in PHP that could be a lot simpler. –  Synchro Nov 3 '11 at 19:58

phpBeanstalkdAdmin is based on PHP.

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Check http://github.com/earl/beanstalkc/blob/master/TUTORIAL which works great, although i'd consider it "cli" access at best

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