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In Visual Studio 2005, in the TFS Source Control Explorer, these is a top-level node for the TFS Server itself, with a child node for each Team Project. Right-clicking either the server node or the node for a Team Project gives a context menu on which there is a View History item. Selecting this gives you a History window showing the last 200 or so changesets, either for the specific Team Project chosen, or across all Team Projects.

It is this history across all Team Projects that I am wondering about. The command-line tf.exe history command provides (as I understand it) basically the same functionality as is provided by the VS TFS Source Control plug-in. But I cannot work out how to get tf.exe history to provide this across-all-Team-Projects history.

At a command line, supposing I have C:\ mapped as the root of my workspace, and Foo, Bar, and Baz as Team Projects, I can do

C:\> tf history Foo /recursive /stopafter:200

to get the last 200 changesets that affected Team Project Foo; or from within a Team Project folder

C:\Bar> tf history *.* /recursive /stopafter:200

which does the same thing for Team Project Bar - note that the wildcard *.* is allowed here.

However, none of these work (each gives the error message shown):

C:\> tf history /recursive /stopafter:200

The history command takes exactly one item

C:\> tf history *.* /recursive /stopafter:200

Unable to determine the source control server

C:\> tf history *.* /server:servername /recursive /stopafter:200

Unable to determine the workspace

I don't see an option in the docs for tf for specifying a workspace; it seems to only want to determine it from the current folder.

So what is VS 2005 doing? Is it internally doing a history on each Team Project in turn and then sticking the results together??

note also that I have tried with Power Tools; tfpt history from the command line gives exactly the same error messages seen here

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You need to be in a mapped directory for that to work. For example if you have "$/" mapped to "C:\TFSSOURCE", change directory to C:\TFSSOOURCE and try the command again.

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Aha! This led me to the answer. Contrary to what it says in the question I didn't have C: mapped to $/ - in fact nothing was mapped to $/ and all the Team Projects had explicit mappings set to to C:\Foo etc. Setting up a mapping for $/ means tf history *.* now works at root level! I still wonder what VS was doing though... – AakashM Jun 16 '10 at 7:29
That's the way the tf history works. If you specify an item spec of ., it looks at what your current disk folder is, and checks the mapping to the source folder and starts its search from there. – Robaticus Jun 16 '10 at 13:15

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