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I'm new to rails and was trying out the scaffold command - the following scaffold runs and works when I view it via web brick

script/generate scaffold book title:string

the following fails - gives me a weird route error

script/generate scaffold application name:string

the following works

script/generate scaffold app name:string

can anyone shed some light on this? Is 'application' a reserved word?

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All your controllers are subclasses of ApplicationController, created by Rails. you can't create another controller with this name.

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Yes Application is a reserved word

You can see a complete list on the Wiki

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Just so you know, make sure not to do this:

script/generate book title:string

You need to have the word scaffold after generate, like this:

script/generate scaffold book title:string
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fixed - good catch – palecoder Jun 16 '10 at 20:28

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