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I have a few styles that I want to apply to a slider.

I'm aware of the MXML method of definig a mx:Style tag











Instead of doing it this way I want to define all the styles in a style sheet. I then want to define my slider in a .as file (not an mxml file) and apply the stylesheet to it.

How I can I do this?

Something like the following is what I'm after

levelSlider= new VSlider()
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You can include the style sheet into your Flex application from the mxml file of Application class using <mx:Style source="style.css"/> You can add as many css files as needed.

Now if you have a .customCSSClass{} in the css file, you can apply that to your vSlider using vSlider.styleName = "customCSSClass". Global selectors like HSlider{} will apply automatically.

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cool. I didnt realize that defining styles in the main app mxml would filter to the rest of the app. Thanks – dubbeat Jun 15 '10 at 12:28

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