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The Microsoft Lifecam Cinema software has several options to control focusing, exposure and so on. I need to control these programatically for a machine vision project. How can this be achieved?

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try to use microsoft lifecam driver for set setting in your lifecam i think that is work for u ;) –  karabajon Dec 4 '12 at 16:36

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MATLAB toolbox for image acquisition allow access to the full functionality of the LifeCam. E.g. focus. However the provided driver has a problem, which Microsoft refuses to deal professional with - they claim that it is MATLAB that has a problem. So at the moment I cannot control brightness and exposure, two parameters that should be accessible.

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thanks for letting us know. –  user391339 Feb 10 at 9:08

I ran into this same problem on a photo booth kiosk I built. To get around it, I created a simple command line utility to set these preferences and allow for reapplying them at startup.

You can find more details on downloading and using it in this Microsoft Answers question:


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