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I'm using this plugin to allow spatial queries in Solr. I have followed the steps included in the documentation and I've got the spatial queries working fine.

Now I want to retrieve the computed distance. I added these lines in the solrconfig.xml file:

<searchComponent name="geodistance" class="">
        <str name="distanceField">geo_distance</str>

And I have added the "geodistance" component to the standard request handler:

  <requestHandler name="standard" class="solr.SearchHandler" default="true">
     <lst name="defaults">
       <str name="echoParams">explicit</str>
    <arr name="components">

Then, when I run a query such as "q={!spatial lat=41.641184 long=-0.894032 radius=2 calc=arc unit=km} cafeteria" it works, but only the first time. When I run the same query again I get this error:

GRAVE: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at org.apache.solr.handler.component.SearchHandler.handleRequestBody(
    at org.apache.solr.handler.RequestHandlerBase.handleRequest(
    at org.apache.solr.core.SolrCore.execute(

I have no idea where is the error because the first time the query works and I get the computed distance in the "geo_distance" field. But when repeating the query, I get a NullPointerException.

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This problem is fixed in version 1.0-RC5. This version has been released some days ago.

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