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is it possible to change the language of my wordpress installation (WP 3.0 Multisite) only in frontend (without editing the .mo/.po files)?

changing this option here: lang

does also change my language in backend.

any ideas?

thanks for helping!

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i'm looking for this information too. for now i have found this links useful:

oh, finaly. this plugsin solves my problem:
Kau-Boy's Backend Localization just install it trough the Plugin Manager or from here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/kau-boys-backend-localization/
and then default wordpress language - will be in the front-end
back-end language you can set in plugin settings.
p.s. for full multi-language support you can use wpml.org


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all this plugins didn't effect as i wanted, so i created my own plugin.

available here: one-backend-language (working with 3.0)

Lets you choose your Backend Language for your complete Backend, also if your Frontend is using another Language (including Multisite). You can choose from any language you installed. For a list of availible languages, check "WordPress_in_Your_Language" or create your own files.

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