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in my C# 4.0 Application, I have a DataGridView to display some data. I want the Columns size accordingly to the content, so I set the AutoSizeColumnsMode to AllCellsExceptHeader. But I want to restrict the columns to grow beyond a certain value. There is a MinimumWidth Property ... but unfortunately no MaximumWidth Property.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Thanks in advance, Frank

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The only way i managed to do that, is to check the columns width after adding rows to it, check the width, and if it's size is above my max, i set it manually after changing the columns AutoSizeMode to DataGridViewAutoSizeColumnMode.None

      foreach(DataGridViewColumn c in myView.Columns)
            if (c.Width > myMax)
                c.AutoSizeMode = DataGridViewAutoSizeColumnMode.None;
                c.Width = myMax;

Naturally, you'd need to set the AutoSizeColumnsMode to AllCellsExceptHeader again when you add/update/delete rows and do the procedure again.

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