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in my class I have an Option[] attribute years and a filling method:

public void buildYearOptions(){
    int initialYear = 1900;
    int currentYear = Calendar.getInstance().get(Calendar.YEAR);
    int i = 0;
    for (int y = initialYear; y< currentYear; y++){
        Option op = new Option(y, Integer.toString(y));
        years[i] = op;

And this is my jsp page using icefaces:

<ice:selectOneMenu id="selectOneYearMenu" partialSubmit="true"
    style="height: 24px; left: 238px; top: 94px; position: absolute; width: 72px;visibility: visible;"
    <f:selectItems id="selectOneMenuYearItems" value="#{ApplicationBean1.years}"/>

My problem is that the years from 1900 to currentyear(2010) are not showing up in the dropDownList (selectOneMenu).

Aan someone help me figure this out?

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I don't do IceFaces, so it might do things differently I am not aware of, but you normally feed the f:selectItems with a SelectItem[], List<SelectItem> or a Map<Object, Object>, not with an Option[] or whatever type it is.

This should work:

private List<SelectItem> years; // +getter.

public void buildYearOptions() {
    final int initialYear = 1900;
    final int currentYear = Calendar.getInstance().get(Calendar.YEAR);
    for (int year = initialYear; year < currentYear; year++) {
        years.add(new SelectItem(year, String.valueOf(year)));

If it still doesn't give anything, then you're likely calling buildYearOptions() at the wrong moment or probably not calling it at all.

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Thanks man for your answer it really helped. Apparently in Icefaces, you cannot use the interface List , it only worked greatly when my field was with type ArrayList<SelectItem>: private ArrayList<SelectItem> years; –  Saher Ahwal Jun 16 '10 at 8:42

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