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I am trying to call functions located in an external DLL from a C++ 6.0 MFC application. I do not have the def or the lib file for this DLL, so I am using LoadLibraryEx/GetProcAddress methodology to access the routines I need to use. I have used DumpBin to get the exported names of the routines I wish to use.

When the program executes the call to LoadLibraryEx returns with no errors, however the call to GetProcAddress returns with an error indicating it cannot seem to locate the function I require, even though I can see the routine via the DumpBin utility.

I have used RDG Packer v0.6.6 to examine the DLL and it indicates that the DLL is a VC++ 6.0 DLL packed/protected by ‘Armadillo v1.xx – v2.xx’. I then use PEiD v0.95 with the Kanal v2.92 plugin and it indicates that it has located two crypto signatures at addresses it displays.

Can anyone suggest a course of action that would allow me to call routines from this DLL?

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