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Possible Duplicate:
Flatten (an irregular) list of lists in Python

I have a list which consists of many lists. Here is an example,

    [Obj, Obj, Obj, Obj],

Is there a way to join all these items together as one list, so the output will be something like

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Yes, here's one way to do it:

def flatten(lst):
    for elem in lst:
        if type(elem) in (tuple, list):
            for i in flatten(elem):
                yield i
            yield elem

Please note, this creates a generator, so if you need a list, wrap it in list():

flattenedList = list(flatten(nestedList))
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There are loads and loads of answers on this page. HTH.

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Stolen from MonkeySage, here:

def iter_flatten(iterable):
  it = iter(iterable)
  for e in it:
    if isinstance(e, (list, tuple)):
      for f in iter_flatten(e):
        yield f
      yield e
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