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I am trying to replace function calls written when methods were nonstatic to an updated version were they are. For example: TABLE_foo(table1, is the same with is the same

This is what I have come up with using my limited understanding of regex and this site. find:




The above yields a dangling meta character '*' error. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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The main part of it is working fine now, but I can't get it to terminate properly. I don't know if the second thing you mentioned is what I need to do or not but I am ending up with: table1, 1, "string"); when it should look like:, 1, "string"); find: TABLE_(.*)((.*),(.*)) replace: $2.$1($3) I don't necessarily think I should need to collect the third item either. – Roger Jun 15 '10 at 18:31
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Assuming Eclipse uses Java-style regexes, try using TABLE_(.*)\((.*) as your find expression.

* means "zero or more of the previous character", and you did not have a previous character so it didn't know what to look for. I inserted a . before them to indicate "any character", but it may work better with [^)]* if it uses greedy matching.

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