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I have problem with displaying Cam on QTLabel using openCV, Every thing is working fine . except one . I have to call function from open === cvNamedWindow() == in order for program to work properly . its displaying the webcam on the QLabel no problem but if i don't call the cvNamedWindow function then the program is just hanging its just keep displaying the camera which are working on the screen but i can't click on any thing else its getting freeze. Does any one has any idea why its happening and what I am doing wrong ?

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Did you start the Qt event loop by calling


? Otherwise the Qt events such as mouse clicks will never be handled.

If you have your code in a loop requesting the camera images frame by frame, you can also call


. Maybe you can post the relevant code snippet, otherwise it's hard to say what's going wrong.

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Thanks for the reply.. That how my application is kicking off.. This is main method

TryQt is my Application with GUI....

QApplication a(argc, argv);
QString path = qApp->applicationDirPath();
TryQt w;
return w.exec();
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it should be a.exec() –  Martin Jun 24 '10 at 11:55

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