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How can one test to see that a directory is empty in ant?

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I can't believe nobody has asked this...well ANT is kind of old I guess... –  leeand00 Jun 15 '10 at 19:01
...oh well, it works for what I'm automating. –  leeand00 Jun 15 '10 at 19:01
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You can use the pathconvert task to do that, with the setonempty property. See this example for an use case.

<pathconvert refid="myfileset"

will set the property fileset.notempty only if the fileset those refid is myfileset is not empty.

You just have to define myfileset with your directory, and no excludes do get a directory empty test:

<fileset dir="foo/bar" id="myfileset"/>
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This is just a complement for tonio's answer.

In this example cvs checkout is emulated using git commands:

  • git clone when dir is empty
  • git fetch else

<target name="cvs_checkout" depends="git.clone, git.fetch" />

<target name="git.clone" depends="check.dir" unless="dir.contains-files">
  <echo message="Directory ${dir} is empty -} git clone" />
  <exec executable="git">
    <arg value="clone"/>
    <arg value="${repo}"/>
    <arg value="${dir}"/>

<target name="git.fetch" depends="check.dir" if="dir.contains-files">
  <echo message="Directory ${dir} contains files -} git fetch" />
  <exec executable="git" dir="${dir}">
    <arg value="fetch"/>

<target name="check.dir">
  <fileset dir="${dir}" id="fileset"/>
  <pathconvert refid="fileset" property="dir.contains-files" setonempty="false"/>
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