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I have Table "MultiCol" as below

Name LibraryID RegisterID EngineerID
Rahul 1002      4521       4854
Ajay  5072      3151       4833
Vimal 4532      4531       4354

I want to insert the Rahul's all IDs in the "SingleCol" table(shown below) which is having only one Column named "IDS"

So I want the Result as shown below

Table "SingleCol"


Which query pattern will be most efficient in terms of time and space?

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How about this:

   SELECT LibraryID FROM MultiCol WHERE Name = 'Rahul'
   SELECT RegisterID FROM MultiCol WHERE Name = 'Rahul'
   SELECT EngineerID FROM MultiCol WHERE Name = 'Rahul'

That should grab all three ID's for Rahul and insert them into SingleCol

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Thanks!! Appreciate it – SARAVAN Jun 15 '10 at 19:01
don't know if id's can be duplicated, but if so you may need union all – Paul Creasey Jun 15 '10 at 19:15

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