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Is there any way to change backlight turn off TIME using programming(Preferred c# or vb.net other c++ can be used too)? I guess, may be it is changed using registry info or API.

Manually, it is done by:

Setting > Backlight (Battery Power and External Power)

Thank you

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In the future, if you suspect something is done through the registry you can do the following: take a snapshot of the registry before the operation, do the change, take another snapshot of the registry and then compare them to find what to change. you can use ceregeditor.mdsoft.pl as the registry editor. It is an excellent registry editor for ActiveSync devices. –  Shaihi Jun 16 '10 at 3:58

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Adjust the following registry keys (which is what the CPL does):

    "UseBattery"=dword        ;if '1' turn off the backligh after "BatteryTimeout" seconds
    "UseExt"=dword:           ;if '1' turn off the backligh after "ACTimeout" seconds
    "BatteryTimeout"=dword:X  ;backlight timeout in seconds 
    "ACTimeout"=dword:Y       ;backlight timeout in seconds

Then broadcast a WM_SETTINGCHANGE message.

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