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I'd like to implement a 'stackoverflow' type answer and question for my wordpress blog. Any suggestions?

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How is this programming-related? I'd suggest migrating to SuperUser. –  David Thomas Jun 16 '10 at 8:04

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If you aim to provide a service such as this you should be able to code it yourself. Check the following sites for information on where to start:

If, by some reason you want to use a pre-written plugin I found one called UnAnswered that, according to the maker allows you to have a similar functionality to the one you are after. You should be able to customize it to your needs and likes.

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I just released a plugin + theme that does the job : http://wp-answers.com/

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I am using AnsPress, http://wordpress.org/plugins/anspress

Demo: http://open-wp.com/

This plugin is actively developed and have many cool features. I use this plugin on my site and its very easy. I also love the support by its developer, he respond very fast and try to solve any issue I have.

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I have this plugin if you are interested..


demo here: http://demo.sabaidiscuss.com/

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You can use Sabai-Discuss plugin by onokazu. I like it.

Also there is Wpmu-dev's Q&A Plugin which is quite similar.

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