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I want to develop a JQTouch web app that will display a list of the titles from an rss feed and then display the title and description when the title is tapped. Can someone please suggest a tutorial or resource that could help me?

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I've never messed around with JQTouch, but Google provides a feed API that allows you to get just about any feed. Maybe you could use one of the jQuery Google Feed Plugins.

Note: You don't need to use a key with the google feed api anymore.

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  1. You need to pull in your XML and turn it into JSON so that the nodes are all numbered. Use this jQuery plugin - it rocks.
  2. In the result js function, you need to create an html list and add an onclick to each LI that puts that nodes info into the next jqt div elements.

I am considering putting a tutorial together but haven't had time yet.

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