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Is the remote debugger from VS2010 compatible with VS2008? That is, can connect from visual studio 2008 to a machine running the remote debugger installed by VS 2010

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That's a 90% no, the debugger in VS2010 was changed pretty dramatically. I got slapped any time I tried to mix and match, although I never tried it with the remote debugger.

That half hour you waited for this answer should have been enough to explore the 10% chance? Let us know what you found out, that's sorta the point of this web site.

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You are correct. I posted my findings. Thanks ;-) – Matt Jun 15 '10 at 21:51

It tried it, no go with VS2010 remote debugger and it worked instantly with the VS2008 remote debugger... Hopefully, it works the other way around. I will post when I find out.

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