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My controller data_files_controller.rb

def upload_balances

My model data_file.rb

def self.load_balances(params)
  #  Pull the file out of the http request, write it to file system
  name =  params['Filename']
  directory = "public/uploads"
  errors_table_name = "snapshot_errors"
  upload_file = File.join(directory, name), "wb") { |f| f.write(params['Filedata'].read) }
  # Remove the old data from the table
  # ------ more code-----

It's working fine. Now i want to use delayed job with my controller to call my model action like .. My controller data_files_controller.rb

def upload_balances

Is it possible?? What's the other way to do it? Is it create any problem?

With this send_later i am getting this error in column last_error in delayed_job table.

uninitialized stream
C:/cyncabc/app/models/data_file.rb:12:in `read'
C:/cyncabc/app/models/data_file.rb:12:in `load_balances'
C:/cyncabc/app/models/data_file.rb:12:in `open'

I am getting error on line, "wb") { |f| f.write(params['Filedata'].read) }

while reading params['Filedata'].read.

how to check i am getting proper data in params['Filedata'] or not ? Without send_later it's working fine... Is there any solution?

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You should check what's in the database. Delayed Job must have strings, or ids internally when running it: most probably


contains something that is not revivable when the job runs later.

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If user upload any csv file than first load_balance function will create that file in public/upload and write content in it from the original file. Than with faster csv it will enter the records from the file to database. But it's not storing anything params['Filedata'] or params['Filename'] in the database. – krunal shah Jun 15 '10 at 22:02

using send_later should work fine. The other way is to define your own class that responds to perform, and call Delayed::Job.enqueue

Did you have errors somewhere?

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I have edited my post with errors. is there any solution? – krunal shah Jun 15 '10 at 21:53

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