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I've been trying to find a string in PHP that matches something like this:

Currently I've tried something like this;

<()\?php eval(^>>

but it dosen't seem to get the string correctly.

edit: I forgot to add that I need to grab all the text form "" and it spans multiple lines.

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Why not just use Select-String?

ls *.php | Select-String "<?php eval"

The pattern given to Select-String is read as a regular expression. You can do plain-text matching by specifying the simpleMatch switch:

ls *.php | Select-String "<?php eval" -simpleMatch

Here's the command to get the live help for PowerShell regular expressions:

get-help about_regular_expression


Ah, you didn't specify in your question that you were doing a REPLACE operation. This is a bit different, especially since it spans multiple lines. I would suggest something like this:

# Retrieve file as a single string.
$contents = [string]::Join("`n", $(Get-Content path\to\file.php))

# Now replace.
$replaced = $contents -replace '(?s)(<\?php eval\()(.*?)(\)\?>)', '$1neweval$3'

So what this is doing is looking for <?php eval(, then LAZILY (important!) looking for )?>, all in single-line mode, so newlines are matched in the .*? portion. (Slashes before the question marks and parens to escape them.) It then replaces all matches with group 1 (in this case, <?php eval(), some text, then group 3 (the )?>). You can make the grouping as complex as you need to to collect information from within the match.

Also, because you are trying to use regex to parse a language, instead of a language parser, there are lots of cases where this can go horribly, horribly wrong. Just be aware, and don't clobber your files until you've verified that the output is correct.

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My current script was using regex like this: |ForEach-Object { Copy-Item $_ "$($_).bak";(Get-Content $_) -replace $RegEx ,"" I will test it using the Select-String commandlet. – MrGrant Jun 15 '10 at 22:55
This won't work as I need to find a block of text between the opening "<?php eval" and the closing tag "?>" I am replacing this text with some other text. The -select seems to only grab one line but the text spans multiple lines. – MrGrant Jun 16 '10 at 20:03
I have updated my answer to reflect your comment. – jdmichal Jun 16 '10 at 23:33

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