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I am just trying to get the image box to slide up next to the BBD logo and I can't seem to figure it out.

A bit new to css and floats, etc. Can anyone offer a suggestion???

I'm working off of a template, so didn't set up the css myself.


link text

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You will need to float both the div with the bbd logo and the div.slideshowgallery. When both siblings are floated (left for example), they will be next to each other (if the width of the containing block permits it).

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A suggestion? I can give you that.

#sliderWrapper > div { float: left; }

Add this CSS and your divs will be side by side. Rounded corners and the background will break. To solve the background, add <div class="clear"></div> to the bottom of the sliderWrapper div. The rest... no idea.

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or you could add overflow:hidden; to sliderWrapper to fix the backgrounds –  Luke Lowrey Jun 15 '10 at 23:29

always remember to work with a wrap container with a specific width otherwise is very difficult, to make this with a elastic design.

and then just float both divs... ideally on the same side and spearate them with their own margins.

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