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What is the best Django syncdb crash debugging technique ?

I've previously asked a question about a problem with manage.py syncdb returning an exception and the answer was that the app has a wrong import.


I'd like to know the technique used to find the place where there is a wrong import.

I tried ./manage.py syncdb --verbosity=2 but I didn't get any more information that way.

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You look at the problem the other way around. syncdb doesnt have anythin to do with "import". You have misconfigured python or/and django install and this is a problem. If you want to debug what happen with sql queries then you should use

python manage.py sqlall __yourappname__
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Thank you for your answer. When I say wrong import, I mean an import in the wrong place like you can see in this github commit: github.com/kylef/django-request/commit/… –  user367752 Jun 18 '10 at 20:39

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