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Please offer insight into this mystery.

I am trying to get the height value from a div box by

var high = document.getElementById("hintdiv").style.height; 

I can get this value just fine if the attribute is contained within the div tag, but it returns a blank value if the attribute is defined in the css section.

This is fine, it shows 100px as a value. The value can be accessed.

<div id="hintdiv" style="height:100px; display: none;">
var high = document.getElementById("hintdiv").style.height; 

This is not fine, it shows an empty alert screen. The value is practically 0.

display: none; 

<div id="hintdiv">
var high = document.getElementById("hintdiv").style.height; 

But I have no problem accessing/changing the "display:none" attribute whether it is in the tag or in the css section. The div box displays correctly by both attribute definition methods (inside the tag or in the css section).

I also tried to access the value by other variations, but no luck

document.getElementById("hintdiv").style.height.value  ----> undefined
document.getElementById("hintdiv").height ---->undefined
document.getElementById("hintdiv").height.value  ----> error, no execution

Any solution?


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Thanks all, this was certainly unexpected. I guess I will do inline style for this 1(or 2 elements). – Jamex Jun 16 '10 at 2:26

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This is because, when you use document.getElementById("hintdiv").style.height; you are accessing the style attribute of the tag. If the attribute is not there , then you get no values.

Instead you should use currentStyle object in IE and getComputedStyle() function in the rest of web browsers.

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You CSS syntax is wrong, it sould be height:100px; rather than height:100px. Note the semicolon.

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You should consider usign jQuery instead... it will simplify the thing as $('#hintDiv').height() and it will always return the actual width of the div.

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width !== height :) – epascarello Jun 16 '10 at 2:12
Thanks DevIT, I need to pick up a jquery book. – Jamex Jun 16 '10 at 2:24
Hi epascarello ! Glad I could help... but to leanr jQuery, you dont absolutly need a book, just try the tutorials on jQuery's website: – Developer IT Jun 17 '10 at 18:34

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