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Im having a compatible issue, my project is develop in JDK 1.6, but when i need to post it to a host domain, there is a issue where the host domain used JDK 1.5, how do i make my project compatible with JDK 1.5? thanks in advance

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You basically need to set the -target attribute. Also see javac /?.

javac -target 1.5 [...]

Also see this example in javac's documentation.

Update: as per the comments you're using Eclipse, you can just change the compiler compliance level on a per-project basis. Rightclick project > Properties > Java Compiler > Compiler compliance level > 1.5. See screenshot.

alt text

You can download JDK 1.5 from the Sun Archive.

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can i convert it straight a way in WAR file?? – kojh Jun 16 '10 at 2:07
No, the code must be compiled with 1.5 as the output language. The class file format has been changed in JDK6. – Yann Ramin Jun 16 '10 at 2:10
Need -source 1.5 as well, and putting the 1.5 rt.jar file in -bootclasspath is also very useful. – Tom Hawtin - tackline Jun 16 '10 at 2:14
@kojh: if you're using an IDE (you should have make that more clear in your question), you need to set the project's compiler compliance level to 1.5 as answered by @mikera and then just rebuild the project. – BalusC Jun 16 '10 at 2:15
thanks BalusC, im actually developing the my project using eclipse bundle with glassfish. Sorry for that :) – kojh Jun 16 '10 at 2:20

You should be able to set the compliance level on your compiler / IDE to 1.5 so that any incompatibilities are flagged (via compiler warnings). You can then fix whatever needs to be done to make your code 1.5 compatible.

In Eclipse for example, you go to Preferences / Java / Compiler and set the compliance level to 1.5. It's probably something similar in other IDEs.

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