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I have a VS 2008 Setup Project created. I am trying to install this on a Windows 7 machine as a Standard User. I am getting a warning during install about an unknown publisher. I have used makecert to create a certificate, then converted it to a password pfx file. I have digitally signed the msi and setup.exe with the pfx file. When I go into the file properties, I can see the digital certificate attached. On the Windows 7 machine, I imported the pfx file to "Trusted Publishers". What do I need to do to get rid of the warning? I can't have the admin user and password required to install the app. I can't change the UAC settings. I need to make the change to the certificate / setup files to get this to work.

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Makecert creates certificates only for testing purposes. To sign your installer you need a real certificate purchased from an official authority. You can try purchasing one from Verisign or Comodo.

Windows UAC recognizes only real certificates.

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