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I'm a drupal newbie (mean it :)

I have a Block, created with View Module. and this block content has CCK fields. I display any of field with Fields Box in View Module. It's cool.

the issue is, one of the CCK field has a condition value for linking at homepage or not. So I need to get the value of field_homepage_linking CCK field value, and saying

  • if it is 1, displaying the link for the current record,

  • if not, just listing the title.

I installed the module, now I can write php in Block View. I tried




but can't get the value! :/ how can I get the value?

Appreciate helps so much!! thanks a lot!!

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i'm not totally sure if i get what you're trying to do, but you have to make sure the $node object points to something valid.

generally speaking, if you would print the $node in the page.tpl.php or node.tpl.php you'd get a result. in most other cases you'd have to use the node_load() function ( to get the node object.

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