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Since XML schemata (XSD) are themselves XML files, it should be possible to build a schema of a schema (meta-schema), right?

I'm struggling to accomplish that feat.

I would like to create a schema that describes a schema with one root complexType containing a sequence of simpleTypes.

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So, you want to write an XSD to validate that an XSD is valid? Well, why do that when there is an Xsd Validator:


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Thanks, but it should not only be valid, but restricted to the form described in the last sentence above. – 3dGrabber Jun 16 '10 at 8:53
I see, well, I believe the 'xs' namespace will be the restricting factor here. – Meiscooldude Jun 16 '10 at 9:01

Of course you can build your own schema for this purpose. A good startingpoint would be the official one from the W3C

I would suggest do make two validation runs: one with the unchanged schema and a second run with a simplified, custom made schema. This custom schema can be a stripped-down version of the original only containing the additional constraints. The rest can be allowed via wildcards (<xs:any>)

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