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hi i want to make condition statement in my function. i use this method :

If String.ReferenceEquals(hotel, hotel) = true Then


    End If

if i try to insert a data already in the database, the function will directly go to the updateDatabase()..

the problem is, if i try to insert the data that currently not in the database, the function will directly go to update database as well..

maybe the method i use is not suitable. can anyone help?..im using vb.net and sql..

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In your sample code, you are comparing the same values (hotel) –  Neil Knight Jun 16 '10 at 9:03

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Some issues:

String.ReferenceEquals will only return true for the same string object, not the same string value - not a good idea. The = operator is suitable overridden in the String class to allow you to just use that.

There's no point adding an = true for a Boolean function.

So change your first line to something like:

If hotel1 = hotel2 Then
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