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I want to add a gradient background to my web page (the area marked with yellow border is where the actual content is displayed) and I want it to take just 1/2 of the page (the bottom part): alt text

I believe this is possible with CSS, but so far I have only managed to get a gradient background (taking the whole height of the page).

Thank you very much in advance!

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Note that native CSS gradient backgrounds are not supported in all browsers yet. – Pekka 웃 Jun 16 '10 at 9:24

You can do it with something like this:

#background {
background: url('GRADIENT-IMAGE-URL') 50% center THE-KIND-OF-REPEAT;
height: THE-HEIGHT;
width: THE-WIDTH;

50% here means that the background image will be positioned 50% from the top.

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Hmm.. thanks but it didn't have the desired effect. – User3419 Jun 16 '10 at 10:41
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This is the solution that I have managed to work out eventually:

background: url('IMAGE-URL') bottom repeat-x;  
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