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Hi I am creating list of checkboxes in partial view by follwoing

code and Rendered HTML for checkboxes is as follows

  <%=Html.CheckBox("EmployeeID", new { value = user.EmployeeID, @class = "ccboxes", title = user.Designation + "(" + user.EmployeeName + ")" })%>

<INPUT id=MemoUsers_a29f82e4-ebbc-47b0-8cdd-7d54f94143be__EmployeeID class=boxes title=Programmer(Zia) value=6 type=checkbox name=MemoUsers[a29f82e4-ebbc-47b0-8cdd-7d54f94143be].EmployeeID jQuery1276681299292="27">

<INPUT value=false type=hidden name=MemoUsers[a29f82e4-ebbc-47b0-8cdd-7d54f94143be].EmployeeID>  

In rendered html it can be seen that value attribute of hidden field is false. i want to assign explicit value(same as checkbox value) to this value. Is this possible using html.checkbox or html.checkboxfor.

one way is recommended in Is there any other better way

i want to do this as ModelState.IsValid is returning false because of hidden field value attribute


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Using the default Html helper will not allow you to do that. Either you build your own Html helper or render the checkbox manually should get what you want.

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