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def _table_(request,id,has_permissions):
    dict = {}
    return  render_to_response('home/_display.html',context_instance=RequestContext(request,{'dict': dict, 'rid' : rid, 'has_permissions' : str(has_permissions)}))

In templates the code is as,

{% if has_permissions == "1" %}
<input type="button" value="Edit" id="edit" onclick="javascript:edit('{{id}}')"  style="display:inline;"/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
{% endif %}

There is a template error in has_permissions line. Can any 1 tell me what is wrong here. has_permissions has the value 1 or 0.

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Please include the original error message in your question. – Török Gábor Jun 16 '10 at 12:08

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Versions of Django before 1.2 do not support relational operators in {% if %}. Use {% ifequal %} or a bare {% if %} instead.

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{% ifequal %} worked for me thanks.. – Hulk Jun 16 '10 at 10:55

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