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I know that I can get first or last table cell (e.g. for last row) using jQuery expression like below:

first cell: $('#table tr:last td:first') or last cell: $('#table tr:last td:last')

But, how can I get cell at specific index, for example index 2, using similar expression, i.e. something like $('#table tr:last td:[2]') ?


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$('#table tr:last td:eq(1)')

that will give you the second td in the last row.

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Thanks!, You're fast. – Jarosław Waliszko Jun 16 '10 at 10:49
I'm assuming that if there are any th elements in the row that they will be skipped? – nonsensickle May 26 '14 at 2:17

It's very simple without jQuery, and will work faster and in more browsers:

var table = document.getElementById("table");
var row = table.rows[table.rows.length - 1];
var cell = row.cells[2];
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Use the nth-child selector.

For example,

$('#table tr:last td:nth-child(2)')
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