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I have the following HTML to center images and links within a layer:

edit: a better example

<style> body  { 

color: #FFF; 

}  a  { font-family: "Broadway",
Broadway,monospace;  font-size:
14px; color:

#FFF; }

#images a {

 width: 24.99%;  display: block; 
float: left;  text-align: center;  }

#container; { top: 30%; left: 15%; }
#main { position: absolute; width: 800px; height: 600px; }
#logo { float:left; background-image:url("1.jpeg"); 
width: 104; height: 100; }

 </style> <div id="main">  <div
id="logo"> </div> <div
id="container">  <div id="images">
<a href="1.html" >
    <img src="1.gif" alt="x" width="181" height="173" border="0"
/><br />
    One </a> <a href="2.html" >
    <img src="2.gif" alt="x" width="181" height="173" border="0"
/><br />
    Two </a> <a href="3.html" >
    <img src="3.gif" alt="x" width="181" height="173" border="0"
/><br />
    Three </a> <a href="4.html" >
    <img src="4.gif" alt="x" width="181" height="173" border="0"
/><br />
    Four </a> </div></div></div>
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How are you positioning your outer div? Seems to work OK for me using your second example. –  Phil Jenkins Nov 20 '08 at 14:00
Both examples work fine depending on how you do the positioning. Could you share with us how you want to do it? Why are you using percentages for the position? –  Ola Tuvesson Nov 20 '08 at 14:18
There's a typo in your CSS - a semi-colon after #container I'll assume that's not the issue though ;) - I think you still need to specify some sort of position on the container div though.. –  Phil Jenkins Nov 20 '08 at 14:41
isnt position relative by default? surely if it is relative by default, and specifying it be 30% away from the top of #main and 15% from the side of main, that is where it should go? –  user1253538 Nov 20 '08 at 14:48
No, position is static by default - so you can't use left or top. Also, your logo div + the 4 images is too wide for 800px, so they're wrapping –  Phil Jenkins Nov 20 '08 at 15:19

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  1. The main div has a width of 800px, so the floated logo div (104px) + the 4 images (25% each) is too large for one line, so the final image wraps to the line below. Unfloating the logo div will start the images on a new line at the far left.

  2. Position is static by default - so left and top have no effect.

  3. Set position:relative; on the container div - be careful with IE6 though, because position:relative is a bit funny if I remember correctly.

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Thankyou for your answer, it makes perfect sense, but I am still unsure what caused the images to stack vertically? –  user1253538 Nov 20 '08 at 15:43

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