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We have one SAP system in the US (lets call it TKIJVPL1), this system has an SAP Client, client 241. We have another SAP system in Germany (lets call it Lockweiler). We need to move this client 241 from our TKIJVPL1 server to this new server.

Can I simply use transaction SCC8? It says client export, but when I look at the options it says Source client : 241 (which is good), it says Profile Name SAP_ALL (which is also good as I need all data), but Target System all that is coming up is PL1 / QL1.

What is the easiest way to export one client from one system to another system in SAP? Or I would rather export it to a hard drive, take these files place them on a dvd and mail them to germany. But I do not see an export to the local disk transaction???

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I got it working.

You still need to use transaction SCC8, it could potentially take 8-20+ hours doing a client export. As it is exporting you need to look at the folder \usr\sap\trans\data and in there SAP will create some files with the system name as an extension. In my case it created files like RT03292.PL1 and a few others.

Now one needs to take these files to do an import...

Here are some good links pertaining to this:



Make sure you look at /usr/sap/trans/data for the data files (usually start with R). Also make sure you look at /usr/sap/trans/cofiles (usually starts with a K).

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