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I have a simple piece of jquery i am using to toggle the visibility of a div (below). What I'd like to add is some text and a little plus sign image that changes to different text and a minus sign image after the div is expanded. Here is my code:




// this will be changed to  Hide Panel <img src="minusSign.gif"> 
// and doesn't have to live in a <p>
<p class="toggle">Show Panel <img src="plusSign.gif"></p>
<div class="hidden">
Blah Blah Blah


.hidden {display:none;}

Any advice on how to achieve what I'm looking for? Currently, the div toggles just fine, but the trigger text/image is static.


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I can't help but noticed you need something like this...

    $(this).html(function(i,html) {
        if (html.indexOf('Show') != -1 ){
           html = html.replace('Show','Hide');
        } else {
           html = html.replace('Hide','Show');
        return html;
        return (src.indexOf('plusSign.gif') != -1)? 'minusSign.gif' : 'plusSign.gif';

and I baked you a demo

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