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There is a simple application written in C, which includes only standard C library functions (from stdio, stdlib, etc.) and Makefile+GCC to build it. Now, I wanna port it to iPhone OS for iPhone/iPads. Will it be seamless or are there any possible incompatibility issues?

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you cannot simply compile your code for the iphone/ipad OS, seeing their apps are written in objective C. Good news though, you can use your C/C++ code in objective C, here is how to do it:

Introduction to The Objective-C Programming Language

So I suggest you start learning some objective C if you really want to port your app. Be warned that all that is UI will have to be re-written with the UIKit, in objective C.

oooo and also, you will need a mac!

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Yes and No. You can just compile C code for the iPhone, because Objective-C is C. You may not be able to use all the things you're used to using (like reading from stdin, etc), but it will still compile... – Dave DeLong Jun 16 '10 at 15:27

Your primary issue will be how the program displays its output - the support provided by the Standard C Library does not match what is expected of an iPhone application. You will have to work on those aspects of your program.

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