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A while ago, I worked on an application where a manager can approve/deny xxx applications. When some body selects an action from a drop down, it opens a cfwindow and loads cftextarea richtext="yes" in there, so that they could enter reasons for approval/denial.

Now the culprit is that in production, the fckEditor has a ton of funky chars in IE8. Same thing won't happen in FireFox. Also, the IE8 does not show the same stuff in dev.

I have looked at the scripts in /cf_admin/CFIDE/scripts/ajax/FCKeditor, they are all the same.

Since this wasn't an issue before, I am not sure where to look at. Something got updated on the server which probably causes this problem. Does anybody know what could be the problem?


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it turns out the vp put 'IE=IE7' in the IIS to force IE8 emulate IE7. When I made them change this to 'IE=EmulateIE7', everything started to work perfectly again.

hope it helps to others. thanks

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