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I'm trying this as part of a big query:

(CONVERT(varchar(20), AZ_DTA_APP_AGE, 103) + ' ' + (CONVERT(varchar(20), AZ_DTA_APP_AGE, 108)) AS AZ_DTA_APP_AGE

Why it doesn't work?

I get:

Syntax error near keyword 'AS'

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The 1st convert is missing a ')'

(CONVERT(varchar(20), AZ_DTA_APP_AGE, 103)) + ' ' + (CONVERT(varchar(20), AZ_DTA_APP_AGE, 108)) AS AZ_DTA_APP_AGE`
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Thank you, I lost my focus over something really stupid.. :-( – 0plus1 Jun 18 '10 at 15:01

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