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None of the following has been attempted - I have no idea if it's possible, or, for that matter, where to start. I'm presenting a hypothetical scenario for a project I'd like to attempt.

Situation: I provide a windows service to a remote client (customer), where they install the service on their server.

Issue: Somewhere down the road there's a bug in the service. I need to provide a fix without providing a brand new version of the service to the end user (where they uninstall the old, buggy version and install a new one).

Questions: Is it possible to have the remote user restart the service and, upon starting, have the service detect that an updated version of an assembly, or a new assembly is available that fixes the bug(s). In other words, can a service detect updates somewhat like a click once application? I have a feeling that this is not possible. If it's not, do you have any other suggestions?

I appreciate your help.

Thanks, Tyler

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Actually, if you're looking for functionality similar to ClickOnce you could write your own. All of the ClickOnce functionality exists in the System.Deployment namespace.

Here's a link to help you get started and a web cast that should be very useful.

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Thanks, Walter. I will look into this. –  Tyler Jun 18 '10 at 16:31
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Can you put you logic into a webservice hosted by yourself, if not you may want to look at using MEF Directory Catalog, to view a folder without having to compile it.


Hope this help


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