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I have installed the m2eclipse plugin with galelio. I want to create a hello world osgi bundle with this setup. Appreciate if someone could point me to some tutorial or give some direction.

currently i am using maven 2.2.1

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here is a small OSGi tutorial (1) that helps you to see the main steps of OSGi bundle development.

Cheers, Dmytro


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I do not know the eclipse way to create bundles (Plug-in Project) but I can recommend using the OPS4J Pax tools.

Try the Maven-Pax-Plugin (1) to create the bundle (pax:create-bundle (2))and than import the bundle to your eclipse workspace with Import... -> Maven -> Existing Maven Project. Run the bundle with pax:provision (3)




(As a new user I was not allowed to post more than one link - so I hat to provide the links as plain text without 'http://'. Sorry for that!)

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