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What I'm after is creating a page that has a preloading bar (similar to a flash one) that loads the cache of the website before redirecting to them to the home page with the entire website loaded, so it runs smoothly!

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You're basically asking how Google loads their GMail application? Or am I missing something? –  ircmaxell Jun 16 '10 at 18:20
Interesting concept but I'd say better to cache each page on reaching it, they probably won't notice the difference and if done properly you can still have the first load of the page within a second, even for pages with 100s of k of javascript, images and are completely dynamic. –  Kerry Jun 16 '10 at 18:21
The concept of preloading bar is a little complex. But for a wait screen, you can load all elements within a div with visibility:hidden style except a text or div that displays the wait icon. on $(window).load() you can trigger a function that changes the visibility of those divs. –  Ali Sheikhpour Mar 18 at 11:31

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