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Why does the following javascript regex works in Firefox but not in IE (tested on IE8).

myregexp = eval('/(?:^|;)\s*(\d+)\s*:[^;]*?megason[^;]*/gi');
myregexp.exec('0:QL12345ABC - MEGASONIAC BEST CAFE;'); //returns null in IE8
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you have to add slashes:

myregexp = eval('/(?:^|;)\\s*(\\d+)\\s*:[^;]*?megason[^;]*/gi');

but as Kerry said, eval is not good on this context, use instead:

myregexp = /(?:^|;)\s*(\d+)\s*:[^;]*?megason[^;]*/gi;


myregexp = new RegExp('(?:^|;)\\s*(\\d+)\\s*:[^;]*?megason[^;]*','gi');
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eval is not recommended, and there's no reason to use it in this case.

Also, I would look over this list:

To see if you want to use exec or not.

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