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How can I add a subview when the new view is in a different xib file?

The class for the different nib is an NSViewController and I'm using self = [super initWithNibName:@"NewView" bundle:nil]; to load the nib

Can I just do something like:

NewView *nv = [NewView new];
[oldView removeFromSuperView];
[mv addSubview:[nv theView]];

or do I have to do something different

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When you say "the class for the different nib is an NSViewController", do you mean the File's Owner? –  Patrick Burleson Jun 17 '10 at 2:58

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Yes, that's correct, providing NewView is a subclass of NSViewController. Having said that, you shouldn't name a controller class NewView, as it's not a view. Your subclass of NSViewController should really be named NewViewController.

You can also do this:

[[oldView superview] replaceSubview:oldView withView:nv];

Of course, this assumes that your NewView nib file has its File's Owner set your subclass of NSViewController.

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